The Baseball Paintings
of S.B. Whitehead

A celebration in paint of the classic sport of BASEBALL - its history, characters and memorabilia.

Dodger Blues Jackie Robinson
Joe DiMaggio, Roberto Clemente, Ted Williams, Sandy Koufax

Paintings and Limited Edition Prints For Sale At Art Fairs and Craft Shows


A Sampler of Themes and Subjects
Ty Cobb - Rothko Style
Oil on Canvas  24" x 30"
Ty Cobb, Mark Rothko
Jackie Robinson T 205
Acrylic on Paper 12" x 24"
Mickey Mantle 1962 Style
Acrylic on Panel 18" x 24"
Jackie Robinson, T 205 Card
Mickey Mantle, 1962 Topps
Baseball Magazine Bob Feller
Acrylic on Canvas  16" x 20"
Bob Feller, Baseball Magazine
Al Kaline 1959 Style
Oil on Canvas 18" x 24"
Shoeless Joe
Oil on Canvas 18" x 36"
Shoeless Joe Jackson, Cleveland Indians
Al Kaline, Detroit Tigers, 1959 Topps
Gil Hodges 61 Fleer Style
Acrylic on Canvas 16" x 20"
Kideki Matsui Fantasy Card
Oil on Canvas 18" x 36"
Mickey Lolich Bowman Style
Acrylic on Paper 11" x 14"
Gil Hodges, 1961 Fleer, Brooklyn Dodgers
Hideki Matsui, New York Yankees, Japanese Baseball
Mickey Lolich, Detroit Tigers, 1952 Bowman Card
Trompe L'oeil Number 1
Oil on Canvas  22" x 28"
Trompe L'oeil, Cleveland Indians, Vintage Baseball, Glove, Honus Wagner, T 206
Warren Spahn Fantasy Card
Oil on Canvas  24" x 36"
Warren Spahn, Milwaukee Braves, 1954 Topps, 1958 Topps